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Tibedetha is one of the more recently created holidays of the Bretons. Tibedetha, which means Tiber's Day, is celebrated every 24th of Mid Year in honor of Alcaire's most famous son, Tiber Septim.

Dancing Day

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Dancing Day is a time honored holiday in Daggerfall. Who started it is questionable, but the Red Prince Atryck popularized it in the second era. It is an occasion of great pomp and merriment for all the people of Daggerfall, from the nobles down. It is celebrated on the 23rd of Mid Year.

Mid Year Celebration

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The Mid Year Celebration is held on the 16th of Mid Year. Perhaps to alleviate the annual news of the Emperor's latest tax increase, the temples offer blessings for only half the donation they usually suggest. Many so blessed feel confident enough to enter the dungeons when they are not fully prepared, so this joyous festival has often been known to turn suddenly into a day of defeat and tragedy. It is mentioned in

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Fishing Day

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Fishing Day is a Breton holiday, held in Iliac Bay.

On this day, people in the Iliac Bay who fish for their living now celebrate. This holiday is held on the 30th of Second Seed.


Fire Festival

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The Fire Festival of Northmoor is one of the most attended celebrations in High Rock. It began as a pompous display of magic and military strength in ancient days and has become quite a festival. It is held on the 20th of Second Seed.

Marukh's Day

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Marukh's Day is a Breton holiday. Marukh's Day on the ninth of Second Seed, is a solemn holiday, immortalizing the lessons of the equally solemn First Era prophet Marukh.

Second Planting

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The celebration of Second Planting is in full glory on the 7th of Second Seed. It is a holiday with traditions that are similar to First Planting's, improvements on the first seeding symbolically suggest improvements on the soul. The free clinics of the temple are open for the second and last time for the year, offering cures for those suffering from any kind of disease and affliction. Because peace, not conflict is stressed at this time, battle injuries are healed at full price.

Rite of Vigyld

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Vigyld is a rite practiced by the Psijic Order on first of Second Seed. Nothing is known about the rite or what it pertains to. Only the Order has knowledge of the ongoing of this day.

Jester's Day

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On the 28th of Rain's Hand, it is Jester's Day in the cities of Tamriel, and pranks are being set up from one end of the town to the other. It is as if a spell has been cast over the community, for even the most taciturn and dignified councilman might attempt to play a joke. The Thieves' Guild attracts particular attention, because everyone looks for pickpockets in particular.

Although, Cicero is the only Jester I know of.

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Day Of Shame

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Today is Loredas the 20th of Rains Hand and in Hammerfell it is the Day of Shame. All along the seaside of Hammerfell, no one leaves their houses on the Day of Shame. It is said that the Crimson Ship, a vessel filled with victims of the Knahaten Flu who were refused refuge hundreds of years ago, will return on this day.

The Knahaten Flu is a deadly disease that affected much of Argonia in the Second Era. Very little is known about it, except that in 2E 560 it reached Se...

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